About us

It all started with a lot of imagination and passion…

Although for as long as he can remember, Sébastien Remy has always loved clothes, he finally decided to launch his own brand, which he called COMME UN R DE ROCK, aged 28.

The collection is inspired by rock music, but mostly there is an element of rock ‘n’ roll chic to it.

Is there a segment between luxury and cheap clothing these days? Not really...

In fact, while searching for certain types of T-shirts Sébastien soon realised that either the quality was inferior or the price outrageous. That's how he came up with the idea of creating a brand that combined affordable luxury with unique designs!

And it is here that his life story begins. He decided to create a quality product, made close to home, where seamstresses pay much more attention to the finishing of their product than a machine can ever do. At the moment his brand caters exclusively to men and women. His T-shirts are much more than just T-shirts; they reflect a state of mind, a love story. We hope to convey this enthusiasm to all the men that cross our path through the communication channels that we have already started to conquer and will sell our clothes through high end fashion boutiques and the best-known e-shops.